"The business is in a condition of innovative transition, and the players that surface with the most ideal arrangement inside an adequate timescale are relied upon to take up the mantle of being the achievement organizations, which can assist them with cutting out a gigantic piece of the overall industry for themselves."

 1. VR frameworks to become sub-modules of coordinated colleague frameworks 
Automakers supply completely coordinated suites like Ford's Match up and Fiat's Blue&Me, which not just give a typical interface to the vast majority of the car's electronic capacities yet additionally fuse VR to control these associated frameworks through an intricate arrangement of orders or basically continuous regular language handling (NLP) now and again. 
These suites of larger electronic control frameworks were grown a lot before thinking about than the VR segments. So when VR came to the market, it was quickly consolidated by the individual automakers into their current stages. VR frameworks along these lines, are a piece of a lot more extensive suite of functionalities in the automakers' electronic stages. 

2. Cloud-based VR frameworks to drive car telematics use:- 
VR frameworks are of three kinds: on-gadget, off-board, and mixture. Of these three, the off-board frameworks, which fundamentally use cloud offices to give VR administrations to the clients, are relied upon to accept unmistakable quality in the improvement plans of automakers. 
Notwithstanding, for such a framework to work in a vehicle, it gets important to have continuous availability to the Web. This is additionally in light of the fact that availability to its cloud administrations for quick execution of client inquiries would be the remarkable selling suggestion of these frameworks. At present, telematics in vehicles to a great extent relies upon OEM-driven membership based frameworks like OnStar, or bearer put together frameworks based with respect to 3G/4G bundles. "Committed ready and off-board advancement is relied upon to expand the telematics universe," 

3. Sonic window ornaments and virtual space 3D shapes to wipe out commotion and make VR frameworks progressively compelling 
The reason why the ebb and flow VR framework confounds orders is that the driver's voice is generally muffled by in-vehicle commotion. So as to fix this issue, it has been proposed that automakers could layer on commotion concealment frameworks in their vehicles. While this might be counterproductive on account of visiting between those situated in the front and back seats, Harman Worldwide has been engaged with a push to drop clamour to help car VR frameworks. 

This exertion has prompted the development of an imaginative framework, which makes a clamour blocking sonic drape between the front and back seats. We anticipate that such sonic window ornaments should get standard embellishment in autos, with powerful VR frameworks. It must be noticed that sonic draperies do have impediments, and along these lines, Research and development exertion ought to be packed toward making confined sonic blind innovation, which can square undesirable in-vehicle clamour from meddling with the VR system's work, just as permitting the travellers to normally converse with one another. Another imaginative strategy for commotion wiping out is the making of a supposed virtual block in space, wherein the VR framework can detect sound starting just from inside this space.