Taking care of a baby is challenging. Travelling with a baby is even more challenging. These challenges increase manifold when you don’t have any idea about what to pack so that your baby is happy and full and not even the slightest bit cranky on the trip.

Another concern arises when your baby is over 6 months old and hence has started to take in solid food — What food for babies while travelling should be carried?

Moreover, you would not want to feed your baby food from outside sources. This might leave you in a fit, so take a deep breath because we’ve got you covered.

Nestle claims, “Cereal instant cereals include a range of nutritious, easily-digested instant cereals. Suitable as a complementary food for infants from six months onwards, when breast milk alone no longer meets the baby’s growing nutritional requirements”.

Milk is seen as a health drink for babies and adults alike. It serves as the “complete food” because it is rich in a range of nutrients. Therefore, it becomes but obvious to carry milk while away from home. If breastfeeding is not possible, another option is to carry formula milk. Formula milk can be prepared by mixing powdered formula with the desired amount of water. One important thing to note is that Formula milk contains a protein called “Casein” which takes the time to digest, hence formula-fed babies go longer between servings.

Oats can be introduced your baby’s diet after he/she turns 6 months old. They are rich in fibre, protein, and calcium and are soothing to your baby. It has been found that babies enjoy the taste of oatmeal cereal more than that of rice cereal. Now, if you want to make sure that your baby eats the food, be sure to pack their favourite oatmeal for the trip.

According to CNN News 95% of tested baby foods in the US contain toxic metals, report says, Tests of 168 baby foods from major manufacturers in the US found 95% contained lead, 73% contained arsenic, 75% contained cadmium and 32% contained mercury. One fourth of the foods contained all four heavy metals. So, this point should also be keep in minds by the key players. Paediatrician Tanya Altmann, author of "What to Feed Your Baby" echoes the advice of the American Academy of Paediatrics, which advises parents to offer a wide variety of first foods including grains such as oats, barley, wheat and quinoa.